how to optimize images for google bing seo

how to optimize images for google bing seo

how to optimize images for google bing seo

hi , today i want to talk about optimize images for seo , as you know most of users search about stuffs by google image or bing image search so being on top results on image searches is good source for real traffic

there is some good tips to be on top in google and we will discuss about it , so check our article about how to optimize images for google bing seo

1 . Image Name

the first thing you should consider about it is the ‘Image name’ , i personally tested it and find that google considers about ‘Image name’ so before the update you should check ‘Image name’ if your post is about the buying a survival knife so the name must be like : Ridge Runner Woodsman Survival Fixed Blade Knife OR M48 Tactical Commando Knife these are the some of the survival knives .

2 . Image Format

there are many available formats for image that web browser and search engines but i thing JPG is the prefer and favorite format of search engines , Image format affect picture size and if you have big image so it effect page load time and google or bing dont love the heavy pages and as i know JPG is Light Format ans you can use it in web there is many website in web that convert image formats to each other or in your PC and Windows you can use paint or photoshop to change formats .

you can read about it : Amazon found that if their pages slow down by 1 second, they lose $1.6 billion a year

and for image size you can use online image optimizers or If you are using WordPress cms you may use plugins like : EWWW Image Optimizer or WP Smush – Image Optimization , there is other plugins and you can check all of them .

3 . ALT and TITLE

in HTML coding you have two code that helps for SEO they are ALT and TITLE tag that search engines consider about it , the codes are like it :

<img src="image.jpg" alt="image description" title="image tooltip"/>

as you see there is two attribute alt & title that you should fill them , in most of them CMS when you upload an image it shows in box two field that is related to this two  attribute and you can fill them , it is better to fill like the post Title

check this image : it is for wordpress , when you upload an image you see this :


and this one is when you click on edit button to edit and image , if you forget to insert alt and title when uploading image you can set them as this picture :


AND again if you are using WordPress there is some option that helps you to reduce time and do it automatically plugins like : Seo Optimized Images or SEO Friendly Images or WordPress Image SEO , you can find more in this link wordpress image seo plugins .


so we did all of jobs and we need to ping our images to search engines the best ways is you have and best image sitemap , based on your CMS there is good sitemap plugin and modules

there is some good image site map plugins for wordpress you may check this link : wordpress image seo plugin


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