how to get quality backlink in 2017

for many years there was not any concern about building links, all webmasters were using simple ways to build bulk backlinks and each website that has more backlinks it got better ranking, but the world is changed, new power will rise

The age of spam is over and the age of quality links began ,if you want to know what Google wants, you should know Google wants quality links that are created naturally , it means, somebody in everywhere of internet has seen your product or your website and then in his social account or website wrote about you and linked to your website ! But is it possible? For example, you want to launch an affiliate marketing website and want to sell shoe sales or something like it! If we think about small businesses this thing is not possible because, we need real authority to grow in people eyes and then maybe we can attract their opinion, so what we need to start? Yes ! We need backlinks, but what kind of backlinks? Bulks ? Sammy ?

take some factors for yourself before landing links on any page :

1 . authority : I think the most important thing is authority, we have 2 marks in authority, DA: domain authority, PA: page authority, you should know that the domain authority is so important, some scammers when want to sell backlink to you just talk about DA , but you should check website authority and make sure this is more than 45 .

1 . 1:  many items build authority, like site age, quality links that point this site, social signals,  enough internal links, remove 404 and broken links and … and check that items before buying backlinks.

1.2 it is better to check social shares amount before catching links.

2 . relativity, the site you want to buy or build link on that should be, related to your site, seriously google after indexing your link on an Irrelevant website will ask , never let the google laugh you , google knows your main keywords and know this site keyword and will compare them , and will find that this sites are not related to each !!

note : today i see a seo case study , that all links was by comments , and all was on keywords that is hidden , for example : he has posted : many thanks , and linked the “Y” character in word many , but it was on google top because all websites are relative! ( this is just a news , not an instruction for you ! )

3 . NOT to just main keyword & main index, you should spread links on all keywords find some long tail keywords about your niche and buy or Catch links to your all important keywords, and don’t make all backlinks just to your index .

3.1 you can use this website ( & ) to find close keywords to your min keyword and use them for backlink anchor text

4. diversity of link building

you cannot only lean on one-way link buildings, for example, create 99% of your links by blog commenting or forum Signatures , you should Observe the variety of links, Follow or no-follow, blog comments or guest post or anything, maybe you don’t observe this rules for pbn blog but for your main website you should care about this diversity .


ways to create good backlinks there

are some ways to create good backlinks and I will write the ways i know, and if you know more ways please comment them.

1 . blog comments: first and simple way to create backlinks is blog commenting, there are many systems that accept comments without moderation, and some others with moderate, in some of them like WordPress there is a field to put your URL , and in others like Blogspot you can put your links by HTML code in comment text field , but the point is: you should not spam in all pages , consider about factors that we point above, I think the most effective blog commenting is belong to blogspot, Blogspot have good authority in front of google .

2 . forum signature : other old way that i think saturated now is forum signature , but it was effective in old time , but now you should care about this way , because can cause spam and penalty.

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