Are backlinks necessary for SEO ?

for a long time buying bulk backlinks was good try to go on google top ten results but , after many google and bin updates for removing bought backlinks effect on your sites , and Specialized algorithms like google penguin , i think we should give a clearly answer to this question : Are backlinks necessary for SEO ?

google know using a factor authority for sorting results in SERP, the big item effecting authority is links coming to your blog . there are almost 200 factor but must of them is related to links .

we should look better to backlink and call it link building or creating social signals , we all now if we be a good person we will never known if other people doesn’t talk about us , if you are a good writer but you don’t have a advertise , how you expect to people buy your books ?

off curse great content in long-term will attract other online users attention to you blog , but sometime we need some busters to Overtaking our competitors .

backlink and content are the main tools for traffic because these create subscribe and engages .

now take a look to your blog or online shop ! , day and night you are writing and writing best useful things , but nobody is out not knowing about your blog or shop , so what should we do ?

yes we need something to point our blog and what is that ? backlink

i don’t have any doubt about backlinks requirement for growing a website , but problem is the how we should look it

problem for google or other search engines is the way of creating the backlinks , you should know the natural backlinks are accepted and Effective in google , not buying bulk spam backlinks .

considering it the answer to question ( Are backlinks necessary for SEO ? ) is YES , but we should use natural ways to create backlinks , ways like :

  1. asking people to write about products and link to us
  2. sharing links in socialbookmark sites and force people ( without Aggressive ways ) to reshare this links
  3. reviewing other people products and writing testimonials ( owners will use your testimonials + link to your blog in their sites )
  4. and more ways …


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