how to transform your instagram to 24 hour online shop

how to transform your Instagram to 24 hour online shop , increase sales in Instagram , using Instagram as shop


hi as you know Instagram is the one of the most progressive social medias in the world , now Instagram downloaded more than 1 billion time in google play store and has more than 400 million active users , so it is like to a hyper market that has Capacity for new sellers like you.

in this post i want to talk about some ideas that can help you in Instagram sales increase , with Observance of this ideas you can have an online shop for ever , so lets go

we will talk about the retail sales not a big sales , because I believe retail products can sell better and faster

1 . choice the prefect Product

most important thing is the product , product must be cheap and not heavy and don’t need to many tests , because you know Cyberspace is not a right place to sell big products like Washing machines and refrigerators , you know these are heavy and need many test , I mean things like a doll or any handicrafts or something like knifes and … .¬†

after that mission starts , we will launch Instagram and will start to edit and customize our page to change it to 24 hours online shop .

2 . choice a good USER & USER NAME & BIO or DESCRIPTION

this 3 section is so important because very helpful to be found in INSTAGRAM , when some body starts to search about some products for example knife , one of the INSTAGRAM factors to find a good and reliable page is the name and description , check bellow pic , for editing your profile you should click on edit your profile option and then you will see the right side , first field is for name , second is for user name and forth is for bio or description about your self , so if we taken knife for products we should write about knife for example for NAME i suggest : knife , cheap knife , survival knife , for USERNAME , u should write Attached together name like : cheap_knifes or survival_knifes and about bio plus name and USERNAME you can use #hashtags like #knife #survivalknife and something like this it helps you to be found better in Instagram . 

if you want to use website field you can create a blog and add your products to your blog and write bit more about them and about the experience of usages .

( Instagram added new option that is switch to business account with help of the FACEBOOK that you should connect your FACEBOOK to your Instagram , i will describe about it in other time ) but you can use it for adding phone number and address and contact option to your page

5 instagram-edit-profile-e1440353910884

3 . and important : posting articles and products

main level of sales is posting about your products it has some tips and tricks that your should regard about it . a good and effective post that has more chance to help sales must have a good graphic and design ( if you are not good designer get help from your friend , don’t try by your bad ) , also again use hashtags like #knife , hashtags is good source to get traffic and dont forget to check Instagram filters some of them are prefect and effective .

you should know posting has some other aspects like time ( you can use this post for know about best day and hours ) also there is other subjects you can post about it that is related to your main products like survive in forest of Self Defense or publishing customers review about your product .

4 . find customer

everything is almost down and know you should search and find the customers ,

grow followers : followers are buyers so for growing Instagram followers you should find related pages and then follow their followers and following and start to follow them

  • you can make their engagement better by liking their pics or comment under their posts , you can ask them to watch your product introduction videos and write their idea and opinions for you.

In conclusion

every seller never born as seller they tried and tried and finally has been found a way .

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