review GSA Search Engine Ranker worth or not

review GSA Search Engine Ranker worth or not


in my opinion link building is the main part of SEO , some people doing it manually ( like me ) and some people use many softwares like GSA Search Engine Ranker .

today i want to review the GSA Search Engine Ranker , that i bought it yesterday after running it for 5 day free trial and want to know is it worth for 99$ or not ( i bought with a coupon on 79.2 so please be with us  .

GSA as i read in seo forums is using for tier 2 link buildings :

Tier 2 (Gsa – only do follow, contextual, Only post <100 OBL & above pr1
tier 3 (all type links from GSA) November 2015
I afraid that using software will effect to my websites. So,I use other sites to experiment GSA and RankerX. I used Senuke, Magic Submitter, FCS Networker,… But Combine between RankerX and GSa are greatest. That’s think about them November 2015
2. GSA SER seems to be more powerful, but more complicated to setup campaigns/learn to use.  

if you dont have enough time to read this review so let me tell summary of it :

GOOD points of it :

GSA Search Engine Ranker is middle price soft .

has 5 day free trial and you can test it with patience .

light and easy to configure ( it is around 15MB ) and very little usage of RAM and CPU of pc .

free lifetime updates and lifetime license Unlike other softs that need monthly subscribe cost .

BAD points :

is not exactly what you want .

some lags and delays in running

so why i told ‘ is not exactly what you want ‘ , because sometime we need something that is better for us , like this software doesnt have a section for submitting website on rank checker or value checker website On the sidelines the value checker websites are good source for backlink . i think if this soft has a section for submitting website on whois , value and rank checker websites it will be greate

and about delay , there was a little delay on grabbing articles can be solve .

other thing i see now in running guest book backlink is a high percent of errors and didnt get good result for submiting in guest book .

some of errors that i got in software

in this run just PING feature works good and other jobs just giving error .

so i started to test MICROBLOG section , put a keyword and wait for software and all i got bunch of errors no engine matches means couldnt find website that is microblog .

result : if you have more money and surly want to buy link builder soft i think in this time GSA Search Engine Ranker is not good choice .

my Score is for this website 30 out of 100 .

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