google Unnamed Major Update and many drops in serp at September

Unnamed Major Update and many drops in serp at September

it was tree or 4 days ago my boss called me at 11 pm and told me , hey man did you checked our site serp on google ? i didn’t get what happened till i checked my site

our site with 2 year old and 5 position of google first page in highly Competitive KEYWORD was dropped 3 pages , first i didn’t get what is happening i thought some thing is wrong about my job ! so i started to check back links in google links to your site feature and i deleted many spam links , but i didn’t effect , our website still was in page 3 of google

situation was going to be some Critical . so i start to check our competitors ! ridiculous results our strong Competitor had drop and some spam websites that was for one company all same content and same linkbulding was on 3 top of google

what other people says about it

then i start to check websites like seroundtable and moz which they monitoring google updates , what i get that is an update or something like it , because moz says it is an unnamed update but seroundtable says :

 ” Just a reminder, Google really didn’t give us a comment on that September 2nd update but they did tell us that whatever it was, it was not Penguin. “

” Again, I do not think this is Penguin, it would be a lot noisier if it was. No word from Google on this or the earlier update. If we hear anything, we will let you know. “

what i think about it

i think it is testing of new Algorithm in google serp but it is not established and it is Raw , but i hope it just be and problem

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